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DRONEE PLOTTER- Multi-Chart,and  Multi-Scale features

DRONEE PLOTTER- Multi-Chart,and Multi-Scale features

Visualize multiple log attributes on multiple charts, zoom to the time frame synchronously.
Dronee vs Competitors

Dronee vs Competitors

Industrial Drone Application areas. Drones commonly known as the Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV) are preferred over the manned helicopters or planes ...
Dronee Geotagger- geotagging in browser automatically

Dronee Geotagger- geotagging in browser automatically

In-Browser super simple to use Geotagger.  go to if you use Dronee Plane:  You need to connect to Dronee Plane wifi  "Drone...
aerial mapping with drone

Few things to set correctly to get high quality surveying results

Set up the dronee camera to get high-quality surveying results
Drone log analyser

How to find the problem on drone by analysing drone Log file

If the problem , issue happend in drone first thing need to do is check the drone visually to see if there is any mechanical failuer or bad wire c...
Aerial mapping drone with mapping app

DroneePLANE - quick review

drone autopilot system

DroneePilot step by step setup guide

DroneePilot first time step by step setup guide
drone autopilot schematics

DroneePILOT with on-board RTK GPS

Download DroneePILOT rev2 datasheet from here
drone autopilot 3D

DroneePILOT CAD file to use on your drone design

If you want to use droneePILOT cad file in your drone design you can download from here  OnShape file  
Drone log file anayser for ardupilot, APM, PX4 firmwares

DroneePlotter - Drone Flight Log Analysis Tool Works on Web Browser

  We are happy to share DroneePlotter -  Drone Flight Log Analysis Tool  with drone community to make analyse and sharing easier.   DroneePlotter ...

Video Streaming via Wifi from DroneePilot to Mission Planner

Gstreamer can some times be harder to connect from the client. We favored using mjpeg streamer stream instead h264 stream. we use mjpegstreamer as...

How to Connect to Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 on Dronee Pilot from PC

In this post we gonna show you how to connect to Rasbberry Pi Shell from PC.   For this we need to connect wi-fi module to DroneePilot from USB por...