Flight Characteristics

55 minute flight time in ideal weather conditions

12 m/s optimized low speed flight for better image quality

Up to 5km telemetry link

Covers 1250 acres in a single flight with 8cm/px resolution

Up to 12 m/s wind resistance

5 meter landing accuracy

Technical Specifications

Total weight 650 gram

90 cm wingspan

EPP foam fuselage with carbon structure

Carry case dimensions 40 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm

High performance electric motor

Powered by 3 cell Li-ion battery pack

Multiple Area Surveying in Single Mission

Dronee allows to generate and suvey multiple survey areas in single mission.

Corridor Mapping

Corridor Mapping tool allows user to easily generate mission to survey roads, coastal lines, borders effortlessly, just by adding point over the line, Dronee will automatically generate fligt path.

Automatic Landing

Dronee software automatically, and accurately lands the drone to the selected landing point. User only needs to select the landing place on the map.

KML / Shape file support

The import and route creation from customer provided KML data 

Terrain Follow

DRONEE enables drones to follow terrain, vehicle  automatically maintain a relatively constant altitude above ground level. When "terrain follow" enabled, Dronee app downloads elevation data of the area from Google Maps and automatically adjusts the mission point flight altitude to keep the relative altitude constand from the ground. This required 3G internet access on tablet.

SONY RX0 RGB Drone Camera

With 1 inch sensor size It captures amazingly sharp aerial RGB images, across a range of light conditions, allowing you to produce highly detailed, orthomosaics and highly precise digital 3d map, surface models.

Resolution: 21 Mega Pixel

Sensor size1.0-type (13.2mm x 8.8mm)

Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor

Aspect ratio3:2

Image formatJPEG, RAW

drone camera

Continue to Mission after Battery Change.

 DRONEE enables aircraft to resume flights from a certain waypoint after battery change.

Offline Mission Planning

DRONEE allows users to plan the flight mission in offline mode and to save the mission 

Build for safe flight

Dronee built with in auto fail detection that detecs any failier in the system  before the flight to keep the flight safe.

Up to 10x more coverage and faster surveying operations compared to multicopters

Thanks to Dronee's high efficient airframe and the best camera technology, it enables the plane to survey  500 Hectar /  1250 Acre with 5 cm/px resolution in a single flight.

surveying drone

Ultra High Detail with 21 MP camera.

Download : Survey Data Sample


The efficient design of DroneePlane allows it to fit inside a 40 cm x 40cm x 20 cm carry case, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

- DroneePlane, complete drone

- Two lithium-ion battery packs for plane

- One lithium-ion battery packs for HUB

- Two Spare Propeller

- Charger

- Carry case with foam protection

- User manual

- Dronee App accessible via Apple Store


"DRONEE PLANE is being used on the south east coast of the UK to survey sea defence walls.  Dronee plane is ideal as it has long endurance (far more than a quadcopter) is really easy to deploy and comes with a fantastic Sony RX0 camera"


Dronee Plane Videos