DroneePilot step by step setup guide

DroneePilot first time setup


DroneePilot needs 5v and 3.3v  to run, for this we recommend to order your pilots with power module too. Power modules designed specifically for droneePilot.

DroneePilot package has inside cable for power module . Cable one side connector is 24 pin for the left connect of the droneePilot, the 10 pin connector for the power module.

Power module 10 pin pinout

power module pinout

before to connect power module,

Power module input output

first connect the Cube, and remove the RPI  from the board (Cube has 1 usb out and it is connected with RPI , when RPI on board you will not be able to connect to cube via USB.)

1. remove Raspberry pi C3L

2. connect GPS and radiomodule antennas.

3. Connect CUBE to PC via USB

4. setup up your parameters fro you drone

5. remove USB cable

6. Connect RPI CM3L and antennans

7. Connect servos/motors

8. if you want to connect to Raspbian via shell (connect wifi dongle from usb out of the connector which is located on the right side of the board. you can access to droneePilot pinouts  see our blog post here : 


9. connect power module

10 connect batery to power module

11. wait around 30 seconds to Cube and RPI boots up . if wifi module connected, wifi LED will blink. and you will be able to see "DroneePilot" wifi on your network, password "letsfly123". How to connect to DroneePilot from shell you can see our blog post here


12. connect GRS to PC via USB. 

Mission complete )



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