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Which countries do you currently ship to?

We ship worldwide . We also work with local resellers that we are happy to connect you with.


In what languages do you offer support?



How long does the plane fly in a single battery?

This depends on wind speed and flight plan. Dronee Cornette designed to fly up to 55 minutes.


What happens when the battery is getting low in the middle of a mission?

The drone provides a return to home function. As soon as the battery remaining is below 40 %, the drone returns to home autonomously, and lands programmed landing area from programmed landing angle.


Does the flight-planning software Dronee account for different altitudes (terrain following)?

Dronee has terrain following function when it is enabled Dronee drone flight planner app takes elevation data of the area from google map and plan the flight path for the elevation data.


What happens when the camera doesn’t trigger, does drone software detects and count this for geotagging the images?

Yes, the drone is able to detect if the image captured or not.


How fast can you trigger the camera? 

For the professional Sony RX0 drone camera, the fastest triggering interval without trigger losses is less than 1 second. 


If the survey area is too big for the single flight, will it continue to the mission from where it left, after changing the battery?

Yes. DRONEE PLANE records the position where it stopped mission and after changing the battery, the drone continues to the mission from where it left. One flight point before where it left.


Does drone capture images on turns?

You can activate and deactivate "CURVE SKIPPING" from Dronee app settings.


Do I need to define take-off direction in the dronee app?

No, Dronee Plane will take off in the direction where you throw. Always should be against the wind.


Does DRONEE mission planning software has a geofence feature?

Yes. You can activate and change geofence parameters from Dronee app settings.