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8km range

Built-in GPS

Long battery life


Loco Air unit

8km Radio Range

2.4 Ghz Lora radio (100mA output)

Built in GPS

Built in Li-po battery, lasts 6 days in single charge

Bright Red LED flash indicator - turns on when the Loco air unit is called from Loco-Ground unit, and when the Loco unit is charging.

ON/OFF button - to turn on or to run off the Loco you need to hold the ON/OFF button 3 seconds.


1.Extrenal Power Supply

Loco will turn on automatically when the drone is powered if the Loco also connect to the main power source of the drone.  Loco will be ON even if you forgot to turn it on.

2.USB type-C

Loco Air unit can charge from USB type-C port . This port will be used for firmware update in the future.

Ultra small and Light weight

Loco air unit desinged in a very small size and light weight whichmakes it very easy to integrate to any drone, robots, vehicles. It is 33mm x 22mm x 13.6 mm and weights only 10 gram.