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Agriculture Drone Application Areas

Crop Monitoring with drones

Crop Monitoring

 Vast fields and low efficiency in crop monitoring together create farming’s largest obstacle. Monitoring challenges are exacerbated by increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, which drive risk and field maintenance costs. Dornee with a multispectral camera provides the faster aerial view with different light filters from the field to quickly and precisely identify and analyze the crop's growth. Dronee enables better crop management for framers.

Agriculture irrigation with drones


 Drones with  multispectral, or thermal camera  identify which part of the field is dry or need improvements by scanning the field. These data help farmers to calculate the vegetation index, which describes the relative density and health of the crop, and show the heat signature, the amount of energy or heat the crop emits.

Agriculture Health assessment

Health assessment

Dronee help to assess crop health and spot bacterial or fungal infections on trees. By scanning a crop using both visible and near-infrared light, the sensor can identify which plants reflect different amounts of green light and NIR light. This information can produce multispectral images that track changes in plants and indicate their health. A speedy response can save an entire orchard. In addition, as soon as a sickness is discovered, farmers can apply and monitor remedies more precisely. These two possibilities increase a plant’s ability to overcome the disease.