How to Configure - ZOON




    1. Plug ZOON module.
    2. Enter to website  
    3. Select the ZOON module from PORT LIST
    4. Select baud rate(default is 115200) and click connect.
    5. Go to SETTINGS click "READ ALL SETTINGS", ZOON module will enter to CONFIGURE mode.
    6. EDIT parameters
    7. Click "WRITE ALL SETTINGS" to save

    MODE: Physical mode of transceiver, list  is enumerated below.
    MAX DELAY: Max buffering delay before sending data in microseconds
    MESH ENABLED: In order to use with mesh functionality,You need to enable it from settings
    MESH ID: Id of ZOON unit in the mesh network if mesh is enabled.(0 is for broadcast)
    FREQUENCY: Physical frequency of transceiver. Range:2.4-2.5Ghz
    MAVLINK SWARM: Prevents mavlink packet fragmentation,ideal for mavlink based mesh networks.
    MAVLINK NEVER LOST: Activates NEVER LOST MODE after loss of signal within NEVERLOST INTERAVAL time frame.
    NEVER LOST MODE: Mode will be activated if ZOONs loose connection for NEVERLOST INTERAVAL time frame in seconds.
    NEVER LOST PACKET ID LIST: List of mavlink packet ids to be filtered only and transmitted if the connection is lost for NEVERLOST INTERAVAL seconds.

    Note,Your connection will be lost for 2xNEVERLOST INTERAVAL seconds

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