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How to upgrade ZOON firmware to newer version?



To update the ZOON firmware , follow these steps:

download the latest firmware from buttom of this page. Make sure it has the same version with zoon module which you have.


1. Connect the ZOON to PC 

2. go to 

3. Hit Connect button

4. Choose UPGRADE tab

5. Click "Activate UPGRADE Mode", This will activate upgrade mode and will show you a link to upgrade page

6. Go to upgrade page.

7.Click Connect , Choose from the selection menu and then re-connect to the ZOON in ACTIVATE mode.

8.Click Upload,This will download the Firmware binary from the server then will upload the firmware to the ZOON itself.

With the new procedure You do NOT need to download firmware binary from the server manually.


1. Connect the ZOON to PC 

2. go to 

3. Select COM port and hit Connect button

4. Hit SEND/RECEIVE button

5. Type " DRONEE-BOOTLOADER"  and hit send button.

6. go to and hit "connect" button and select STM Bootloader from pop-up menu

7. Select first one from the list ( DFU with internal flash)

8. press :choose file " and select the zoon firmware file 

10. Press " UPLOAD"  and wait until upload  finished.



Current Firmware version 45

NOT: Before to start to upgrade the firmware , make sure that you have good USB cable. Bad connection during upgrade can cause dame to the zoon .

Also do not move the ZOON module while upgrading the firmware.


ZOON V3: Firmware_v3.bin 

ZOON v2: Firmware_v2.bin  

ZOON v1: Firmware_v1.bin



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