How to install Raspbian on Lychee

Installing Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi is pretty straightforward. We’ll be downloading Raspbian and writing the disc image to a microSD card, then booting the Raspberry Pi to that microSD card. For this project, you’ll need a microSD card (go with at least 8 GB), a computer with a SDcard reader.


Step 1: Download Raspbian

You can find the latest version of Raspbian from this link.

raspbian download

Step 2: Unzip the file

The Raspbian disc image is compressed, so you’ll need to unzip it.

  • Windows users, you’ll want 7-Zip.
  • Mac users, The Unarchiver is your best bet.
  • Linux users will use the appropriately named Unzip.

Step 3: Write the disc image to your microSD card

 For Windows users, you need to install win32 disc imager.

raspbian disk imager


Select the destination (make sure you’ve picked your microSD card!) and the disc image (the unzipped Raspbian file). Choose, double-check, and then hit the button to write.

Step 4: Put the microSD card in your Pi and boot up

Once the disc image has been written to the microSD card, you’re ready to go! Put the sd card into your lychee sd-card slot, and power source, and enjoy.



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