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How to Connect Sony RX0 RGB mapping camera to Dronee app




To use dronee supported cameras to use on surveying, first, this camera's WIFI need to be set up in Dronee app. This is a one-time procedure, the second time will be saved in the Dronee app.

To configure Sony RX0 RGB camera's wifi parameters in Dronee app, follow these steps:


1. on Camera,press  menu -> Network1 -> Ctrl w/Smartphone -> Connection info

2. on Camera, press up arrow button, you will see camera's SSID and password

3. On Dronee app,  SETTINGS -> SURVEY -> CAMERA

4. select DSC RX0 camera from the list.

5. Press WIFI button

6. Enter SSID to the first row

7. Enter Password to the second row.

8. Press SAVE