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How to find the problem on drone by analysing drone Log file

If the problem , issue happend in drone first thing need to do is check the drone visually to see if there is any mechanical failuer or bad wire connection, then analyse the log file.








Take the log file which you had problem from SD card inside Flight Controller.

-on web browser open DroneePlotter

-Drag and drop log file into DroneePlotter

Note: DroneePlotter is able to analyse Ardupilot and PX4 log files.

-from tabs on left colomn check LOG-ERRORS to see if there is an error report. if there is written an error then on CUSTOM tab you can analyse in graph comparing with different values to find out what may cause the problem.

If there is no error on LOG-ERRORS  check motor ESC combination. these two component doesnt have feedback to flight controller to record incase a problem on these components. Check the visualy and try to power them seperately to make sure them they work and also look for ESC calibration and programming .

- on CUSTOM tab from fields you can add paramteres to the graph to analyse/ compare in same graph .   

if you see a battery / power problem,  from Field / BAT add Voltage, Curr

if you faced altitude abnormality  go to ALTITUDE tab, you can also add other parameters to graph from Fields.  You can compare Barometer altitude value with altitude value from GPS. from FIELDS ->GPS ->Alt   comparte the differences if both altitude differences matches with eac other. if not  one of the sesnor shows wrong value.



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  • Thanks for uploading such an informative video. Your guide did help me find the mistake on my drone by merely analyzing the log file. It saved me from buying a new drone so I could spend that money somewhere else.


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