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Few things to set correctly to get high quality surveying results

On this surveying example, Sony RX0 has been used on DoneePLANE

To get the best mapping results from drone few things need to be done correctly.

The camera has to be isolated from vibration that comes from motors on the drone. On plane drones or UAVs this vibration level is lower comparing to quadcopters.


The first thing to do before mapping is to set up the camera parameters. 

Before to set up camera parameters, recommended resetting the all parameters on camera first.

To set camera parameters manually need to set to manual mode.

Camera mode setup

Image quality: Extra fine

Set image quality on sony camera

Shutter speed: to remove blur from photo shutter speed should be set for higher value. 1200–1600 is recommended. Higher the shutter speed reduce image quality

.Shutter speed set for surveying


if there is blur in the image increase shutter speed

ISO: lower the ISO higher image quality. ISO between 160–300 is recommended.

Camera ISO for mapping drone camera


if there is no blur but image quality is low, reduce ISO.

Focus: Recommended to set the focus manually on the ground before a flight. Direct camera to an object which is far, and slightly increase the focus, you will see on camera screen that image sharpness changes by changing the value. Set the image sharpness at highest.

(slide the slider close to infinity point on the screen you will see the how image sharpness changes by sliding)

Drone camera focus set

White balance: recommended to set to auto.

On surveying mission Sidelap, Overlap, Buffer have to be set higher to get better quality surveying result.

Drone app survey settings

First set the RESOLUTION which you would like to get for your surveying project. When you change resolution it changes flight altitude and also effects the coverage in a single flight.

Overlap: 70%

This will increase the number of photos taken during each flight line. The camera should be capable to capture faster.

Sidelap: recommended 70%

Flying with higher side-lap between each line of the flight is a way to get more matches in the imagery, but it also reduces the coverage in a single flight

Buffer: 12%

Buffer increases the flight plane to get more images from borders. It will improve the quality of the map

Dronee app surveying


click here for full surveying data 










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