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Dronee vs Competitors

Industrial Drone Application areas.

Drones commonly known as the Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV) are preferred over the manned helicopters or planes to survey or do mapping for business. Mapping Drones cover a wider range, collect data effectively and the transmission is fast. Drone mapping business includes these main categories:

drone industries

  1. Mapping/surveying - urban&traffic mapping, civil engineering, damage assessing.
  2. Construction - 3D site modeling, site surveying, anti-theft tracking.
  3. Agriculture - field assessment, crop surveying, production planning
  4. Environment - environment Protection, land monitoring, forecasting.

industrial drone comparsion chart

What are the major features you need to know when buying your mapping drone?  

  1. Flight Time – longer flight time, larger the surveying area size in a single flight. If you are working on large projects, you are able to allocate quality time on several portions and capture the maximum data for each area. Thus, the longer the drone flies more data is collected.
  2. Drone flight planner software- Simpler the flight planner software better the drone. Before to launch the drone survey mission should be planned in Drone flight planner software. Any mistake can result in an unwanted result even to a crash. In the end, drones are expensive devices. Better to invest in drone which has simple flight planning software and with more automated features that removes training requirement and mistakes from the pilot.
  3. Drone Camera - sensor size, picture quality, the image capturing speed is one of the most important features of the drone. At the end drone is a tool to get high-quality data from the air to process on drone surveying software like pix4d, dronedploy,airware etc if the quality of data is not good enough to use in analysis software doesn’t matter how good flies the drone.
  4. Takeoff and Landing – according to statistics, most of the UAV drone crashes happen during takeoff or landing. Using additional tools like a catapult, bungee increase complexity of use, increase preparation time and make it difficult to carry. Another difficult stage of the drones’ is landing, required space for landing is a critical parameter for your use case. Some drones use parachute which has very low precision, especially in windy condition, and after each flight, parachute should be re-place into the drone accordingly, which increase complexity, risk, and mission completion time.
  5. Price and Maintenance – Drones are expensive tools, but their output is more cost effective compared to using a pilot flying helicopter or plane. Better handling of drones reduces the cost of maintenance.
  6. Wind resistance – wind is a major barrier to flying drones. You may have to wait for a long period of time for the winds to calm down. A drone that remains stable in the sky even when the wind change and gust too, is what you need for your surveying business.
  7. Price -  price another most important factor when you choose UAV.  Expensive drone doesn't mean that it is super advanced and it will never crash. Things can get wrong in any drone. When you invest in drone technology look for the features that drone capable to do, survey samples. Commercial drone market is a new market, drone technology getting advance every day and at an affordable price.





    Tuan Lucas Stroman DVM
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